Keyboardist needed for a Deep Purple tribute band (Tokyo)


We’re a Deep Purple tribute band looking for a keyboard player to join.
Except for myself (vocals), all members are Japanese in their 50s/60s and are very seasoned players.
Our previous keyboardist quit due to his financial situation.

So far, we’ve had one gig, and with your addition, we’re looking forward to more gigs to come!
We rehearse about twice a month in Kita-Senju (北千住) on weekends.
Japanese language skills are a plus, but not a must.

We mainly cover Mark II materials, but we also plays songs like “Burn” from the Mark III lineup.
Below is our current song list for your reference, but you don’t have to know how to play all of them right now:

  1. Burn
  2. Highway star
  3. Child in time
  4. Black night
  5. Space truckin’
  6. Strange kind of woman

For those interested, just shoot me a demo. (

Looking forward to hearing from you soon \m/


Upcoming gig in mid-Feb

‘Sup, fellas? Drop me a line if you wanna come see me sing a Deep Purple set (30-min) in my band at a live house. We’ll play songs from Mark II (Ian Gillian era) and Mark III (David Coverdale era).

Only two tickets left. 
First come, first served! Hope to see ya there \m/

  • Venue: Studio PACKS 北千住 (120-0035 東京都足立区千住中居町29−1, Google Maps link at the bottom)
  • Price: 1600 yen entrance fee + one drink voucher (500 yen) = 2100 yen in total
  • Set time: 17:00-17:30 (we play the first)
  • Date: Feb 9 (Sat.)
  • Note: For those interested, plz just drop me line as I don’t check my website that often (but i can get notifications when I receive direct messages)

今回は、僕のディープパープルのコピーバンドです。もちろん、俺はボーカル担当です。ただ今チケット2枚しか無いので、来てくれたい方は僕に連絡してね m(__)m


日本、〒120-0035 東京都足立区千住中居町29−1
+81 3-3870-7799




Highway star:

Child in time:

Black night:

Space Truckin’:

Fronting a Black Sabbath (Ian Gillan era) tribute band in Tokyo

Hey guys, it’s been a while since I posted anything here, so I thought I’d bring you up to speed with what I’ve been doing.

My friend and I formed a Black Sabbath (Ian Gillan era) tribute band in Tokyo last year and we’ve been working on a set since (basically the whole Born Again album). I’m of course the one behind the mic, hehe 🙂 Check out one of the songs we’ve performed live so far – Born Again. That’s also my favorite song from the album, but I gotta say that this song requires quite a wide vocal range to say the least, aside from the tone and other aspects one must have to handle this piece.  Hope you’ll enjoy it!

For more tracks, visit:

Peace out!