The Demise of Freedom of Speech in HK?

I found another piece that eerily resembles my earlier commentary about the abrupt disappearance of 5 Hong Kong booksellers:
Yet another relevant note that directly involves a magazine based in mainland China:

It turns out that some of the abducted HK booksellers are of non-Chinese nationalities, just like the one in the above-mentioned news article (the first one), which calls for an international outcry over the blatant breach of freedom of speech in an otherwise autonomous Hong Kong.

This is truly saddening.

I realize that I might have charged too much of a pessimistic note in my headline, but I hope I am just overreacting.

If only.







Author: Alvis Yu

Hi there, this is Alvis Yu, a full-time freelance CH-EN translator/interpreter based in Taipei, Taiwan. You can see the links to my blogs below. 大家好!我是Alvis,目前為全職口筆譯翻譯,據點在台北。我提供中翻英及英翻中服務。您可在個人網站點閱觀看敝人作品範本。 (中文/Traditional Chinese) (英文/English) (臉書/Facebook Page)

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