AI vs. Humans

From The Economist Espresso: Automation nation: the future of work


While reading this article, it got me thinking: Will I be one of those whose jobs are taken by AI in the future? In the translation/interpretation field, a field that I am currently working in, machine translators cannot (at least not yet) replace their breathing counterparts as yet. Nevertheless, the fact that AlphaGo has beat the Go champion Lee Se-dol for three times in a row seems to remind us that we should take AI more seriously. To do Mr. Lee justice, though, he did beat the AI for the first time yesterday.

Although the future is eerily unpredictable, here’s to hoping!


Author: Alvis Yu

Hi there, this is Alvis Yu, an in-house linguist and a rock/metal vocalist in Tokyo. 大家好!我是Alvis,目前於東京任職全職譯者,同時也是搖滾/重金屬主唱。

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