Law and order: Apple v the Feds

From The Economist Espresso: Law and order: Apple v the Feds

Having followed this news for a few days, my take on this is that Apple should give in and assist the FBI in cracking the locked iPhone belonging to the dead terrorist who committed the atrocious killing spree, rather than refuse to budge on the grounds of its so-called user privacy concern and great “implications” beyond this particular law order. The way I see it, it’s an act of sheer hypocrisy. After all, what most corporations (excluding not-for-profit ones, evidently) truly care about at the end of the day is nothing but profit. While Apple is seemingly trying to win the hearts of its users, I think this tactic will eventually backfire.


I am not saying that there’ll be no negative implications whatsoever. Under special circumstances as in this case, however, what’s at stake for the general public should override a privately-owned company’s interest.

Let’s see how this episode winds up. Stay tuned!



Author: Alvis Yu

Hi there, this is Alvis Yu, an in-house linguist and a rock/metal vocalist in Tokyo. 大家好!我是Alvis,目前於東京任職全職譯者,同時也是搖滾/重金屬主唱。

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