Note: Because most of my clients so far have been Chinese native speakers, I therefore translated their feedback from Chinese into English, while attempting to maintain the fidelity to the original to the best of my abilities.  The original feedback can be easily found here. Some of the testimonials listed here were from my previous employer and instructor.

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Peter Fan

堯舜翻譯推薦函letter of recommendation

Roman R. Yamsuan, Sr.

Senior Lecturer 

(Professor Yamsuan is an American who taught us English at my alma mater)



Dear Sir/Madam:


I am pleased to write a letter of recommendation for Alvis Yu. I highly recommend him to your organization for the position of Associate Linguist. I was his English instructor for 2 semesters at the Graduate School of International Affairs, Ming Chuan University, in the years of 2011 and 2012. His grades are impressive with an average semestral grade of 99.0. As his former teacher, I had an opportunity to observe his participation and interaction in class and to evaluate his knowledge of the subject matter. He was no doubt one of the brightest students I’ve ever taught. I remember him as a diligent student who would carry his English dictionary to class, a monolingual dictionary, no less, which showcased his commitment and earnest desire to master the English language. His hard work did pay off: Not only did he possess impressive vocabulary, he was also articulate in both writing and speaking. His excellent command of formal and colloquial English was especially laudable. As a non-native speaker who had not been exposed to an English-only environment before, he surely pushed the envelope and proved that one can attain a high level of English without living or studying abroad. Therefore, it is with much pleasure that I give Alvis my full and unqualified recommendation. I strongly endorse him to be a member of your linguistic team at confidential. Thank you for your kind understanding and consideration.




Roman R. Yamsuan, Sr.

Senior Lecturer

Graduate School of International Affairs,

Ming Chuan University,

Taipei, Taiwan


Leigh Ann Fall  (American)

I highly recommend Alvis as a translator for any liaison or interpretation work. He has excellent English, both written and verbal, and I know you will not be disappointed with his language skills!


English Editing services

SOP, biography, work experience, thesis

Alvis was a very considerate translator. The caliber of the translators on PTT (read: the largest BBS used in Taiwan) varies greatly, but I eventually decided to choose Alvis after examining his free trial edit.  I recommend Alvis for polishing services, and the reasons are as follows:

  1. Great initiative: Alvis was very quick to reply all my questions regarding polishing and translation. Though I had little time left for my application, his generosity and eagerness to help had made me feel very relieved that things would go well. He always finished and submitted the edits in time without fail, which is very important for people who are applying to schools.
  2. Constructive suggestions: The program I am applying to is International Relations. Alvis could always provide me with ideas when I had trouble thinking of the right words to use, enabling me to finish my writing so that he could polish it later.
  3. Premium quality: I could always see lots of words in red in every edit he did for me, which proves that he is a painstaking, meticulous translator. In addition to correcting punctuation and grammar mistakes, he also transformed my fragmented Chinglish into fluent English.
  4. High caliber: Alvis was once accepted into the graduate program of translation and interpretation studies at Fu Je University (read: It’s one of the leading graduate institutes in the field in Taiwan), which makes him more qualified than people outside the field. I admit that I wasn’t very sure about his capability initially, but his commitment and aggressiveness had soon erased my doubts. He turned out to be perfectly capable of the work he had promised.

(See the original feedback in Chinese here)

 Ms. Wang

(SOP/Master’s thesis, C to E translations)

I just had my native-speaking (read: English) friend check your translation, and then we were like worshiping you. You really nailed it! Flawless! Another friend of mine also said that my original text (in Mandarin) is like an original novel, whereas your translation reads like its movie adaption, and I found the analogy quite appropriate.

(translated feedback)

Ms. Liao

(SOP, C to E translation)

Thank you for the translation! I really like the fact that you chose simple words over verbosity or overly fancy vocabulary. I seem to have picked up some English usage reading your translation. My English is not very good, but I really like how you translated it. Can’t quite explain why I feel this way though lol…
(translated feedback)

Mr. Chao (NTU research assistant)

(SOP/PHS editing)

I was satisfied.

Eric Chang

(translation case)

Exactly how I wanted it to be translated :p …

MiMi W

(translation case)

Thank you! I’ve rarely met a considerate translator like you who would explain his choice of words and  tense to his clients.


Author: Alvis Yu

Hi there, this is Alvis Yu, a weekday translator and a weekend rock singer right here in Tokyo. 大家好!我是Alvis,目前於東京任職全職譯者,同時也是搖滾/重金屬主唱。

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